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Nasinu is an urban area in Fiji. It was officially designated a town in 2000, even though its population, which is approximately 120,000 is twice that of Lautoka, especially considering Lautoka is officially a ‘city’.

Nasinu is the largest Municipality in Fiji. Its land area of 4,500 kilometres is the largest of any municipal area in Fiji and more than twice that of Suva.

There are currently 987 businesses and four major commercial centres operating within the vicinity of Nasinu namely, Hansons, Makoi, Centrepoint and Vivrass Plaza. Recently, the merging of the Fiji National University (FNU) and the Training Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF) resulted in the main campus for the Fiji National University (FNU) expanding its tertiary services within walking distance from the Nasinu Town Council Head Office.

Since 1984, TPAF has been bridging the gap between unskilled and skilled based employment. Over the years, it has slowly improved the skill base and quality of Fiji’s workforce. Many of TPAF’s graduates have moved on to significant employment opportunities and forged livelihoods from skills learnt and nurtured through TPAF.

Major infrastructural developments have also taken place in Nasinu specifically, the Laqere bridge and market, the expansion of Nokonoko bridge and road leading up to the road upgrades at Ratu Dovi Road.



  1. To be the best municipality in the South Pacific.
  2. To build pride in our heritage.
  3. To secure a better service delivery for all Stakeholders.



Work in partnership with all stakeholders in providing sustainable and quality services in an innovative, efficient and effective manner with good governance to develop and maintain a proud, flourishing and prospering Nasinu municipality.



  1. Community Well Being
  2. Planning and Development
  3. Environment and Heritage
  4. Organizational Performance and Capacity Building
  5. Prudent Financial Management
  6. Governance

Community Well Being

To ensure that our residents are provided with the opportunity to maximize their independence and quality of life.

  • Creating employment opportunities
  • Encourage and promote local events and festivals.
  • Encourage self-sufficiency, life sustaining skills, backyard gardening and multi-skilling.
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Facilitate and improve health facilities and services.
  • Facilitate and support an integrated community safety and security strategy with other key stakeholders.
  • Literacy and education enhancement.
  • Promote unity, racial harmony and tolerance.


Planning and Development

To plan and promote our municipal area and community internally and externally to expand and diversify our economy and improve our lifestyle.

  • Construct recreational and sporting facilities.
  • Establish industrial and commercial zones.
  • Strategy for Nasinu Town Council to be a city by the year 2020.
  • To develop the Nasinu Town Planning scheme.


Environment and Heritage

To ensure the provision of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment.

  • Maximize returns from cultural heritage and tourism.
  • Provide best practice regulatory services including environmental health and building services.
  • Provide the best practice garbage services and operations in a maintainable manner.
  • Promote cultural herniate and awareness on environment and cultural heritage.

Organizational Performance and Capacity Building

Strive for excellence in Human Resource practices and management of NTC’s Information Technology.

  • Establish strict guidelines and practices for online activities during work hours.
  • Obtain the latest cutting edge technology for NTC’s security, hardware and software requirements.
  • To achieve strategic objectives as set by the Human Resource policy.

Prudent Financial Management

Develop and implement systems that meets corporate strategic priorities to ensure resources are sufficient to deliver required programs and services.

  • Accounts section to comply with all statutory requirements.
  • Improvement on collection of rates.
  • Internal control and monitoring.
  • Maximising returns from our investments.
  • Proper recording and reporting (daily, monthly, quarterly and annually).
  • Transition to accrual accounting.



To exercise good governance as an independent council which is well administered and engaged actively with its community.

  • Change management, man power planning and development. Review and reforms, thinking outside the box. Encourage innovative thinking.
  • Code of ethics and conduct. Strict adherence to policies, procedures and manuals.
  • Guided by 9-point terms of reference given by the Prime Minister.
  • Provision of in-house legal services.
  • Provision of legal and regulatory services to the rate payers with the legal framework that governs the municipality.
  • Public relation and information sharing.
  • Review and reform of various archaic legislation, bylaws, governing and municipalities.
  • To enforce and secure compliance of all governing legislations.
  • We will align our operation guided by the people’s charter.

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